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Weinberg's Highest Rated Comments Web page 83 Ray Ban Sunglasses Uk

Weinberg's Highest Rated Comments Web page 83
The factor is, Microsoft currently had a nearmonopoly from the OS and productivity computer software markets ten years ago. The smartphone market has much much better growth prospects right now then PCs from 10 years ago (also, AAPL is much more profitable than MSFT 10 years ago). And Apple could really conceivably improve its smartphone market place share from today's levels. That's assuming a smartphone industry of 1 billion a year by 2015, which was IHS's prediction. Even if profit per device shrinks to $250, you're nevertheless looking at $70 billion annual profit for iPhone alone. Not saying this situation is guaranteed, but it is way too early to get in touch with a prime.
Jan 25 05:26 PMI basically agree. Issues will possibly get worse before they get much better,Ray Ban UK, and I certainly never think investors are prepared for that. Does that imply that every single JCP location is going to be continuously below construction for three years? I am nevertheless wanting to wrap my mind about that. I also never see exactly where they're going to come up with the cash for that degree of CapEx (unless these shops will not be actually physical shops).
Jan 25 02:26 PM"Yes men and women do have selections, and if they aren't content (repeatedly), they may visit a different carrier. Capturing a loyal industry share is significant if providers are operating in an sector which has razor thin profit margins."This does not make any sense together with your general thesis. If poor customer service is driving individuals away from some carriers to other individuals,Ray Ban Outlet UK, then those "other" carriers ought to become producing a killing. Negative customer service can clarify why one particular distinct airline may very well be underperforming, but can not lead to all the airlines to execute poorly. Definitely, Alaska has completed nicely, but it doesn't compete a great deal using the other carriers given that it's primarily a West Coast regional carrier. Thus there can not be numerous customers fleeing the other airlines for Alaska.
Jan 20 01:43 PMI'll admit that I do not know the precise particulars of JCP's real estate holdings, but on their balance sheet,Ray Ban Outlet UK, property, plant and gear is valued at $5.two billion. When Ackman took his stake inside the firm, a lot of individuals speculated that he would make an effort to spin the actual estate off as a REIT as he tried to do at Target. Quite a bit of analysts assumed that's why Vornado was investing also.
Dec 24 06:05 PMI never see why you believe it really is a problem that I'm short the stock. I gave an in depth breakdown of JCP's probably sales, earnings, and margins for Q4 in that piece. I'm not going to rehash it here; study the original in the event you are interested. Aside from that, we are going to see what takes place when JCP reports in February.
Dec 23 11:26 PMI realize that insiders hold a great deal with the stock, but they are neither getting nor selling. All the action is within the other 60% of shares. I'd disagree along with your statement that JCP has a lot of cash. In the event the provider needs to substantially increase its capital expenditures (likely) that can have to come from new borrowing or new stock. The enterprise does not possess the free money flow generation capability to help that sort of investment. I'd also dispute that the company is solidly profitable. I count on the provider to show GAAP EPS amongst a 10 cent loss and 25 cents in earnings for the year. YTD they are showing a 30 cents per share loss.
Dec 23 03:14 PMNone of those rumors are significant towards the market as a complete. They do not look like they will be difficult any major carrier anytime soon. As for planes, Boeing and Airbus are not going to sell them beneath cost, and the rates are pretty highly-priced perfect now. The only corporation that I know of which will handle a profit with old jets is Allegiant, and that provider operates in a tremendously tiny niche. I never see Allegiant or copycats posing a lot of a threat towards the legacy carriers.
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