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Google will have to agree that the changes are legally binding rather than voluntary. over equally or better-qualified rivals.
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Her wedding day was a dystopian nightmare.Normally I read entertainment news for a bit of light relief very rarely is any of it particularly challenging However I was presented with some conflicting emotions when I read the news that a “dwarf theatre group” were planning a ‘’ in protest of Hollywood’s latest reimagining Snow White and the Huntsman – specifically concerning the decision not to use dwarf actors for the key roles of the dwarvesOn the one hand I’m all for any story that promotes the plight of short statured adults Anything that aims to increase the respect people have for this often ignored minority is a good thing in my mind However I’m not entirely sure that branding an event as a ‘100-midget march’ is a good way to achieve thisLike the majority of short adults I’m not a fan of the word midget; it’s widely used in the most derogatory and offensive sense possible Groups like the and the agree that the use of this word should be discouraged so it seems odd that a group has branded its action using this word If they wanted a catchy title with alliteration they could’ve easily gone for the ‘100-dwarf demo’ insteadBut what is this so-called “dwarf theatre group” that’s behind the march The group is actually from a cabaret club night called Beacher’s Madhouse a quick glance at their online presence shows they frequently make use of the word midget to drum interest in what could generously be described as an ‘artistic endeavour’ mostly give 1 or 5 stars to the club with people either outraged at how trashy and extortionate the place is or over the moon by the sight of “flying midgets”The founder of this night is shameless self-publicist Jeff Beacher a man who is definitely not of below average size (he can be dressed as Britney Spears while being wheeled into an ambulance as part of what I can only assume was some kind of meaningful activity) I’m starting to think that the main aim behind this ‘100-midget march’ was not to stamp out injustice but rather to provide some cheap publicity for a tacky night in LA After all if you wanted to make a point about how dwarves should be treated better then maybe the smarter thing would have been to make no reference to their stature and brand it as the ‘100-person parade’The general public is still incredibly closed-minded and disrespectful towards short people just read the comments below  Whilst I am happy to give Beacher’s Madhouse the benefit of the doubt that there was some shred of good intention behind this demonstration I do think that giving every news outlet in the world a guilt-free opportunity to run a story with ‘midget’ in the headline has actually done more harm than goodWe really don’t need to give the world any more excuses to laugh at short people and this story does that in more than one way It encourages the use of the word midget but more importantly this is a case of false outrage No-one I’ve spoken to actually thinks it is right to demand that filmmakers can’t use certain actors for certain roles it is entirely down to artistic discretion The world of acting is often brutally superficial it’s madness to try and force equality rules upon an industry in which job advertisements often specify age size and skin colourAlso it is wrong to compare this story with the use of black face as Danny Woodburn an actor with dwarfism best known for his role on Seinfeld said in an interview with The New York Post Firstly filmmakers don’t need to ask a white actor to black-up for a role because there are plenty of black A-list Hollywood stars to choose from But in the rare occasion someone does cast a white man as a black man (eg ) then I don’t think anyone would mind so long as it was done for a valid reason (even the Guardian this use of blackface)The makers of this film wanted big name actors cast as the dwarves The real problem was not that dwarves weren’t being cast in these roles it’s that they couldn’t cast dwarves in these roles because there are so few well-known dwarf actorsThis is in partly due to a lack of serious acting roles available If you are a dwarf and you are trying to get work as an actor you have two options: be willing to make a fool of yourself or wait… for a very long time Rachel Denning is trying to establish herself as an actor but at 4’ 1” many doors are closed She reckons only about once a year does she have an audition for a serious role And those will all be parts written for a short person in mind it is unheard of to audition a dwarf for any kind of generic roleIt seems TV makers worry that if a bystander with one-line of dialogue is a dwarf the audience will pay undue focus to the dwarf and completely miss the line of dialogue being delivered by the handsome protagonist of average size Rachel thinks “The industry spends too much time fretting over how the audience will interpret things If there were more dwarves on TV doing regular things the public would just accept it”Snow White and the Huntsman seems to signal that with increasing technology it is ever less important what an actor actually looks like This could mean even less roles available to dwarf actors but on the other hand it could mean the potential for many more Now this technology is available there is now no good reason not to cast as the next James Bond Whatever happens I am certain about one thing; whatever the problem is the solution is definitely not for a tacky club to organise a ‘100-midget march’ is a comedian who will be performing at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival this year Tagged in:       A site like reddit just does it in real-time through voting.
   in the form of a New Yorker article, They live the ,Nike Air Max 90, suicide,40 we believe result,Cheap Nike Air Max, Last week, I filled in the "How was it for you?" form on departure and received a waffling emailed apology from the deputy manager but no sweetener such as a voucher to make up for my lacklustre experienceWhat is the point of putting staff on the front-line who have never stayed in a hotel Mind you I'm hoping they didn't film my cross face when I leftMind the gapeSuddenly it's fashionable for famous people to boast they use public transport just like ordinary human beings One of the new Pope's plus points according to Vatican-watchers is that he used to travel around Buenos Aires by bus He reinforced his "street" credentials by stopping off at his hotel after his first day in the new job and actually paying his own billGeri Halliwell made history last week by travelling on the underground for the first time in 17 years and tweeting a picture of her journey to ensure we could share her excitement She bravely managed the single stop between Leicester Square and Piccadilly Circus Barely 24 hours after Geri's heroic expedition Ed Miliband travelled with Tessa Jowell by Tube from Brixton to Westminster and managed to "share" a joke with a fellow passengerMeanwhile the cost of rail travel is rising so fast (an increase of 83 per cent in the last three months of 2012 on the same period the previous year) that soon the only people able to afford it will be the rich and famous Commuters have seen the cost of many season tickets rise by more than 50 per cent in the past decade but will George Osborne use the Budget to limit fare increases to the cost of inflation I doubt itChile up thereThe world's largest telescope was unveiled last week taking us one step nearer to understanding how the universe was formed Made up of 66 dishes 12 metres in diameter covering a 10-mile site the Alma telescope sends images of galaxies formed 12 billion years ago �C described as the astronomical equivalent of "switching on the lights on a Christmas tree" This amazing piece of equipment is 17000 feet up in a remote area of Northern Chile on the Chajnantor plateau in the Atacama DesertA few years ago I walked this lunar landscape staying near the historic adobe settlement of San Pedro The light is blinding the air crystal clear but breathing is difficult because of the lack of oxygen Circling the vast desert are a series of extinct volcanoes As I walked down a dried-out riverbed in the afternoon hundreds of tiny bright yellow birds swooped around I managed to crawl up one peak in spite of acute altitude sickness I'll never forget that view �C as unforgettable as any image from Alma